Rana in the Media

Rana is frequently covered in press on topics of AI and ethics.


“I just have this deep conviction that we’re building a new paradigm of how we communicate with computers. That’s been the driving factor of my work. We are changing how humans connect with one another.”


“As more and more of our lives become interwoven with technology, we’re losing out ability to connect at a deep level with each other. What if computers could read and understand our emotions just the way we do?”


“I’m a big believer that in the next three to five years, this is going to be ubiquitous, and our devices will have ‘emotion chips’ and a variety of sensors for the state of people around it – it’s a natural evolution from the mouse and keyboard we used to use, to touch interfaces, and most recently the way devices have become conversational. The next stage of that evolution is for devices to become perceptual.”


“I believe AI is just another tool. It’s really up to us – people, societies – to define the role of technology. I tend to think of it less as a human vs. AI race, and more as a human machine partnership. This partnership needs to be built on trust and empathy.”

The Next Web

“As Emotion AI is embedded into more and more conversational interfaces and social robots, no longer will it be socially acceptable to scream angrily at Alexa. She might respond with something like, “please don’t yell at me, that hurt my feelings.” As technology becomes “more human” so, too, will our interactions with one another. We will come full circle, and empathy will soon be back at the center of how we connect and communicate.”

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